Subject: Re: [vserver] ps -ef command gives incorrect stime
From: Herbert Poetzl <>
Date: Fri, 24 Apr 2015 14:27:45 +0200

On Thu, Apr 23, 2015 at 10:10:12PM -0400, Lou Giudice wrote:
> Hello,

Hello Lou!

> After starting a new process, when looking at it with the ps
> -ef command, the stime field incorrectly displays a date many
> days earlier.

Sounds like a problem with the uptime virtualization.

> I am a customer of DreamHost and reported this problem to them.
> After some attempts, they temporarily fixed the issue, but
> it came back after a restart of my virtual server. 

I don't think they "fixed" it, they probably rebooted the
host, which made the time difference negligible.

> They then responded as follows:

> Unfortunately, after further investigation by our admins,
> this issue is not something we can resolve for you at
> this time. This is because the problem is not with our
> configuration of the hosting services we offer but with a bug
> in the virtualization software that we use to create VPS'
> (Linux-VServer). Our admins are working with the vserver
> open-source community to have this bug addressed, but at this
> time there's no telling when that will be.

> I hope they are following through with the community but
> figured I would report it anyway.

> /proc/version
> Linux version 3.1.9-vs2.3.2.5vs2.3.2.5+ (marcus@maize) (gcc version 
> 4.7.3 (Gentoo Hardened 4.7.3-r1 p1.4, pie-0.5.5) ) #3 SMP Wed Feb 1
> 2 13:51:29 PST 2014

the vs2.3.2.5 patch was released end of 2011, a lot
changed since then :)

I just tested it on 3.10.26-vs2.3.6.8 (also older
but not that old) and it works perfectly fine there,
so I consider it fixed in more recent patches.

> Since I am only their customer, I only have access to my
> instance, so running the test scripts is futile.

> Running fails looking for the utility 'vserver'

> Linux-VServer Test [V0.17] Copyright (C) 2003-2006 H.Poetzl
> utility 'vserver' could not be found.

Yes, those scripts are not for the guest, they are
designed for the host system.

> Because of the warning about the risk of reformatting the hard
> drive, I won't attempt to run

> Perhaps DreamHost can run these tests.

> Sorry I could not be more helpful, but at least perhaps I'm
> getting the issue on the radar.

> Thank you for your time and your contributions.

You're welcome!

> Sincerely,
> Lou Giudice